Review: PULL LIST 4/27/05

Pull List for the week is up at CWN. This week’s quick reviews include:

Action Comics #826
Adventures of Superman #639
Captain America #5
Legion of Super-Heroes #5
The New Avengers #5
Red Sonja #0
Hellblazer #207
Plastic Farm #9
Supernatural Freak Machine #2
Artesia Annual #3


Squiddie Nomination

This is kinda cool. I’ve been nominated for a Squiddie Award under the Best Comics Reviewer category. There’s some nasty competition there, which means that it’s nifty just to be listed with them.

Full list of nominees for that category:

Bob Agamemnon
Chris Allen
Alan David Doane
Tony Isabella
Randy Lander
Sean Maher
Michael May
Alex Ness
Paul O’Brien
Tom Spurgeon
Dave Van Domelen
David Welsh

A full list of all of this year’s nominees can be found here.

The Workload Groweth

I got a nice package from Top Shelf Productions today. In it were copies of Owlie Vol. 2, Minisulk, Mosquito (which is on my Amazon Wish List, so Yippee!), and Hello, Again.

I spent some time tonight re-watching last week’s episode of Revelations and taking notes for my Pop Thought column. That should go up tomorrow sometime, I hope.