In the mailbox today: a copy of Graphic Classics Volume 12: Adventure Classics! This is going straight to the top of the review pile (right after The Coffin, with which I’m almost done) because I love Graphic Classics and I love adventure stories.

Review: PULL LIST 5/25/05

Last week’s Pull List is up, which catches me up on that for a couple of days anyway. This time it covers:

Legion of Super-Heroes #6
Adventures of Superman #640
The OMAC Project #2
Day of Vengeance #2
Outsiders #24
Hellblazer #208
Captain America #6
The Amazing Spider-Man #520
X-Men #170
Rogue #11
Runaways #4
The Expatriate #2
Billy the Kid’s Old Timey Oddities #2
The Grimoire #3

I’m trying to keep the Pull List relatively spoiler-free from now on. No one’s complained yet, but it’s come to my attention that people are actually reading that column for recommendations. Who knew?

Catching Up: CWN Reviews and Salome

I honestly don’t feel like I’ve been slacking off, but I have very little writing to show for the past week. Even my online activity has taken a hit.

I’m playing catch up now though and just posted a couple of reviews at CWN as well as a column at Pop Thought about how I’m sick of writing about Revelations, so I’m not gonna do it anymore.

The first CWN review I posted is of Moonstone’s first compilation of Sherlock Holmes Mysteries. It’s written by a local guy named Martin Powell. I worked with Martin’s girlfriend one Christmas at Barnes & Noble and finally got around to buying his book at last year’s FallCon. That I’ve just now read it tells you how far behind I am on my reading list. I’m currently reading Phil Hester’s The Coffin, also purchased at last year’s FallCon.

What’s sadder than that is that the other CWN review is last week’s Pull List. If I was on the ball, I would’ve posted this week’s Pull List today.


While I certainly don’t want to be the kind of critic who writes to get quoted, it still feels nice when someone appreciates an honest review enough to want to use it to sell his book.

Coming soon to The Comics Journal:

Review: PULL LIST 5/11/05

New Pull List is up at CWN. This week I review:

Green Lantern: Rebirth #6
Outsiders #23
Adam Strange #8
Rann-Thanagar War #1
Witchblade #85
The Night Club #1
Myriad #1
Mnemovore #2
Digital Webbing Presents #22
The Battle Hymn #2
Marvel Team-Up #8
Astonishing X-Men #10
Gambit #10
Fables #37
Conan and the Jewels of Gwahlur #2


I’m having a hard time getting back into the groove, I guess. I’m a couple of weeks behind on my Pop Thought column and I still haven’t finished the book I’m reading to review for CWN. Finally got an analysis posted of Revelations Episode Three.

I did get my Eisner and Harvey ballots off in the mail though and I’m almost done reading the huge pile of comics for this week’s Pull List, so I’m doing stuff. Need to figure out what I’m going to say at The Great Curve this week though.