Cheese Country

I might do some updating as the day goes on, but tonight we’re headed to Wisconsin. My brother-in-law (and Cownt co-creator) Dave is getting married on Saturday. I’ve been trying to update this every day, but there won’t be entries for Friday and Saturday and maybe Sunday too.


"Buy My Stuff" Confirmed

Just got back from the Source and I was right about the comics with “Completely Cold” in ’em. So run! Go! Buy! Collect Them All!

I like the image IDW put on the header. Wasn’t expecting that and it’s cool that it ties in with the story.

Guess I’m Reading IRON MAN

I’m heading out to the Source in a minute for my comics, but in the meantime, Newsarama just ran an article that makes me realize there will be Iron Man comics in my future. Daniel Knauf, creator of Carnivale, is going to be writing the series after Ellis’s run is over.

According to the article, Knauf’s six-issue storyline “will feature a string of high-visibility assassinations, prompting an intense investigation by Tony Stark, as the killer appears to be employing the armor and weapons of Iron Man. Stark is shocked and horrified by the truth he uncovers, as a far deeper game of death and deceit is being played – with Stark himself as one of the pawns.” That normally wouldn’t grab my attention except that I remember too well the intricate plots of Carnivale and it looks like Knauf is going to bring some of that to Iron Man. I wonder if he can really do it well in only six issues, but if he builds characters as strong as he did in Carnivale, it’ll still be worthwhile reading.

The Times They Are A-Changin’

I’m enjoying where DC is going lately with their Universe. They’ve made their iconic characters more human lately than they’ve ever been. They’ve shown some of their characters doing some pretty despicable stuff in order to do that and a lot of folks aren’t pleased about it, but if you can make me give a fart about Wonder Woman, you’re doing something right.

And it’s not just her; it’s Superman and Zatanna and Booster Gold, for cryin’ out loud.

In a recent interview, Mark Waid revealed Where All This Is Going and it makes me even more excited: “The good new is, and I guarantee you this, when we’re on the other side of the CRISIS, those days (of grim and gritty ’80s-like stories) are GONE. Just gone. We’re sick to death of heroes who are not heroes, we’re sick to death of darkness. Not that there’s no room, not that Batman should act like Adam West, but that won’t be the overall feeling. After all this stuff, after everything shakes down, we’re done with heroes being dicks. No more ‘we screwed each other and now we must pay the consequences.’ No, ‘we’re super-heroes and that’s what we do.’ Batman’s broken. Through no ONE person’s fault, but he’s a dick now. And we’ve been told we can fix that.”

You make me like Wonder Woman, Superman, and Zatanna and now you tell me I’m gonna like Batman too? Somebody pinch me.