Links du Jour: More Draw Mary Marvel, fish souls, and a better Potter cover


  • I knew people were gonna jump onto this Draw Mary Marvel thing. I’m glad, too.


  • I’d forgotten that Mark Twain wrote a mystery novel with Tom Sawyer as the detective until Joe Hilliard recently reminded me of it. It’s called, oddly enough, Tom Sawyer, Detective and you can read it online for free.
  • Every time Ed Gorman writes a new column for Bookgasm, my reading list gets longer. This time it’s because of his recommendation of Mystery Scene magazine, which Ed describes as “the pre-eminent news and feature magazine of the mystery field. Hard-boiled or cozy, old novels or new, movies, audio, TV … whatever aspect of mystery fiction interests you, you’ll find it in Mystery Scene. And presented in a package that’s professional, easy to read and worthy of design and layout awards.” I’m getting a subscription.


  • Bookgasm also has an interview up with horror/suspense writer Gary Williams who’s apparently having a lot of success with a self-published trilogy about “two friends … who uncover ancient artifacts – tools – in Florida, which are integrated into local history and ultimately linked to the Old Testament.” Williams says that “the tools, however, have been contaminated and their ancient purposes mutated. As other forces seek to gain their control, the underlying purpose as to why the tools have been discovered in the present day leads to a startling revelation.” He also says that reviewers are comparing him to Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, with some Stephen King thrown in.


  • Wow. I much prefer the cover to the British adult version of the new Harry Potter book. There’s also some extra text on the flaps that tell a bit more about the story: “Harry has been burdened with a dark, dangerous and seemingly impossible task: that of locating and destroying Voldemort’s remaining Horcruxes. Never has Harry felt so alone, or faced a future so full of shadows. But Harry must somehow find within himself the strength to complete the task he has been given. He must leave the warmth, safety, and companionship of The Burrow and follow without fear or hesitation the inexorable path laid out for him…
    “In this final, seventh instsallment of the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling unveils in spectacular fashion the answers to the many questions that have been so eagerly awaited. The spellbinding, richly woven narrative, which plunges, twists and turns at a breathtaking pace, confirms the author as a mistress of storytelling, whose books will be read, reread and read again.”

Science Fiction

  • I don’t know how I forgot to post about this yesterday, but here’s all the info on the Star Wars stamps and other mailing paraphernalia that the post office has. I’ve found the Artoo mailbox in Saint Paul, too. As soon as I can get over there with a camera, I’ll get a picture of it.

Kill All Monsters! update

Jason made a slight tweak to the robot’s arm and inked the proposed cover, so now it’s ready to go into the pitch package. The first issue’s being lettered and I’m working on a cover letter for the pitch.

We’re getting close.

Lost: "Exposé"

Re: last night’s episode of Lost.


There was a point near the middle at which I turned to my wife and said, “This is either pretty clever or the worst episode in the history of the show.” Two loser wannabe characters fighting desperately for significance in a show they don’t belong in. We’ve been wondering all season why the Lost writers would want to stick two brand new characters in the show as if they’ve been an important part of things all along. Yeah, I know there are lots of other survivors from the crash that don’t get mentioned, but I’m perfectly comfortable with their just milling about in the background providing color. By the third season, I don’t need for any of them to suddenly become important.

And I especially don’t need their importance to be “validated” by an episode that goes back and re-tells the entire series from the beginning, only sticking Nikki and Paulo into memorable scenes and having them secretly discover all of the island’s secrets before anyone else did. Lame.

And seeing Shannon and Boone again? Just reminded me why I didn’t like them in the first place. I grew to like them over the course of the first season, but we got none of that here, just whiny Shannon and her jerk of a brother Boone.

It was nice to see Ethan and Dr. Artz again though. And Lando Calrissian makes everything better.

And by the time I got to the end of the episode, I actually liked the unexpected — by me, at least — ending. It turns out that it was pretty clever, because it wasn’t actually trying to show how important Nikki and Paulo suddenly were. It was just trying to tell a cool little one-shot horror/mystery morality tale (a la those old EC horror comics) in the Lost universe. My assumption of what I thought they were trying to do almost ruined it for me, but what they were actually doing was pretty darn cool.

Link du Jour: The X-Files 2, Superman loves Black Canary, and the death of the Honeynut Cheerios Bee


  • There are only two things I miss about not watching 24 anymore. One is seeing Jack Bauer kick bootie every week. The other is Mary Lynn Rajskub as Chloe. When I was watching the show, she was one of my favorite characters on TV. Which is to say that I’m pretty excited that she’s on the cover on the next current issue of Geek Monthly. It’s weird seeing her all sexied up in the pictorial (previewed on GM‘s website) — ’cause that’s not what she’s about for me — but dang if she isn’t pretty.
  • One of my new, favorite blog’s is Every Day is Like Wednesday. This post on how Superman totally has the hots for Black Canary is a perfect example of why.


Science Fiction


  • I’ve always thought that someone should make a cartoon in which all the breakfast cereal characters crossed-over with each other. Breakfast of the Gods is the next best thing.

Links du Jour: Nothing Better, the business of writing, and Garfield’s not funny

  • Tyler Page (Stylish Vittles) has been serializing his latest work, a college drama called Nothing Better, on the web for free in hope that it’ll drive interest in a trade paperback collection. The first volume of that collection is now available for pre-order, so if you’ve been enjoying the comic online, now’s your chance to get your very own copy. If you haven’t tried it online yet, click the link above and check it out. Or, you can take my word that it’s really good stuff.
  • Everyone knows that Garfield isn’t funny. Smoking Tree goes the extra step to explain why.
Writing is Hard

  • I don’t mind thinking about the business aspects of writing so much. I just don’t like actually managing them. Paperback Writer has some great tips about how to do that with the least amount of pain, particularly in regard to tracking expenses for tax purposes.

Kill All Monsters! cover idea

And lest we forget about the other comic I’m working on, here’s an idea Jason Copland did for the cover of Kill All Monsters!. I’m getting goosebumps, this thing’s so close to being done.

Update: Change “goosebumps” to “tears of joy.” I just looked at Jason’s completed pages and I’m actually getting emotional here. He nailed every scene; every facial expression; every everything. You guys, this is going to be so good.

Links du Jour: Galactica spoilers, new Stargate series, and the Harry Potter cast


  • In the back of DC’s weekly 52 series, they’ve been running these two-page origin stories of the various DC superheroes. At the end of each one, they give a short list of “Essential Storylines” of the character. Every Day is Like Wednesday has been reviewing not just the storylines, but the lists themselves, and adding other essential material to it. It’s cool reading if you’ve ever wanted to know more about a particular DC character, like I have about Zatanna (it’s the fishnets).
  • I totally missed that Shang Chi: Master of Kung Fu appeared in last month’s issue of Wisdom. Gonna have to go back and get that one.
  • Today’s Quentin Tarantino‘s 44th birthday.


  • Though Emma Watson made fans sweat a little, they can rest easy now. Watson and the other two main Harry Potter actors have all signed on to complete the movie series.

Science Fiction

  • Geek Monthly has a nice recap of a couple of interviews that Battlestar Galactica co-creator Ron Moore has given lately. As Geek says, “It is clear that he is thinking of an endgame for the franchise, but won’t say for sure if season 4 will be the final voyage.” There are a couple of spoilers about Season 4 there, some clarification about the Season 3 finale, and story details about the direct-to-DVD movie coming out this fall. Good stuff for BSG fans.
  • Looks like there’s a new Stargate series in the works: Stargate Universe.
  • I’m too old to have grown up with the Transformers, so I don’t have an ingrained fondness for them, but I now have a reason to be excited about the new movie: Hugo Weaving is voicing Megatron.

Other Comics News

  • Man, I wish I lived in New York so I could go to Autism Awareness Day at Shea Stadium and hang out with Kyle Baker and a mess of other comics professionals and journalists. Sounds like it’s going to be a blast and for a fantastic cause. If you live in the area, check the link for updates about ticket prices, because they’re cheaper if you get them in advance.