Links du Jour: Own the Time Bandits’ map, Star Wars Chicken, and why is fantasy more popular than scifi?



  • I haven’t given this much thought, so I’m curious to hear what other people think. The Sci Fi Catholic speculates that maybe the reason fantasy is more popular than sci fi these days is that science is moving ahead faster than science fiction writers can keep up. There might be some merit to that, but I’m thinking that it also could have something to do with Peter Jackson and Lord of the Rings. Thoughts?
  • Ever wanted to own a replica of the map from Time Bandits? Got $100?

Science Fiction

  • It was darn near a year ago when they started talking about releasing yet another Director’s Cut of Blade Runner for this year’s 25th anniversary of the film. According to Joanna Cassidy (who played Zhora the snake dancer), they’ve even been reshooting some scenes from it. Shouldn’t be much longer now.
  • My first exposure to Cartoon Network’s Robot Chicken was a Star Wars sketch I saw on YouTube. When I checked out the show, it was funny, but I kept wishing that they’d do more Star Wars. Wish granted.
  • The Sci Fi Channel has announced the premiere dates for some of their summer shows. The third season of Doctor Who starts July 6; their new Flash Gordon series premieres August 10th.

1 thought on “Links du Jour: Own the Time Bandits’ map, Star Wars Chicken, and why is fantasy more popular than scifi?

  1. As far as sci-fi versus fantasy is concerned, I hear you about LotR, but I kinda saw the cause-effect relationship the other way.I figured there were all these people out there who dug the fantasy stuff (to my surprise) and so that lead to the popularity of the LotR trilogy.Maybe you’re right, though, and there were also a bunch of folks who weren’t lifelong fantasy fans, but simply liked what they saw in the movie trailers – kinda like how were probably folks who went to see X-Men despite not being huge superhero or comic book fans.

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