The Night the Giant Robot Almost Ate Christmas, Wonder Woman’s invisible canoe, and a possible Jack Sparrow cartoon

Invisible canoeKill All Monsters!-Related

I found an entire blog devoted to giant monsters: Giant Monsters Attack! It covers comics, movies, video games… the works. Super cool.

The Night the Giant Robot Ate Almost Ate Christmas (from Shane McDermott’s Drawing from Life). Best depiction of flying reindeer ever.

Dust to Dust-Related

Download and watch Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter for free! I keep meaning to TiVo that one.


Everyone’s wondering what Disney’s going to do to fill the Pirates of the Caribbean-shaped hole in their line. First there was the 20,000 Leagues speculation; now the rumors are around a PotC cartoon about young Jack Sparrow. I’m up for both.


Happy Marlowe Day! Raymond Chandler would’ve been 119 today.

Wonder Woman

The invention of a see-through canoe probably qualifies more for Stuff Nobody Cares About But Me, but I found it via Daily Boater’s comparing it to Wonder Woman’s invisible plane, so there you go. I grew up canoeing, so I think this is very cool. I’ve never priced canoes, but the $1500 price tag doesn’t even sound unreasonable to me.


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