Happy New Year!

Hope you have more fun at your party than Lana.

Go, Clark, go!


January Theatrical Releases

January 4th

One Missed Call: This plot’s been done to death, but I haven’t seen any of the previous versions because frankly they looked like they sucked. The trailer for this one actually looks creepy though.

January 11th

In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Seige Tale: Oh, it’s gonna suck. It’s gonna suck hard. And yet, knowing that, I feel compelled to look. I know I’m gonna hate myself, but I just can’t look away.

27 Dresses: Even though I like the occasional romantic comedy, there’s no reason for me to think this’ll be one of them except for Katherine Heigl and James Marsden. Especially Marsden. Heigl reminds me of Grey’s Anatomy, which always brings me joy, but Cyclops is becoming one of my favorite actors.

The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything: A Veggie Tales Movie: This sounds like the biggest sell-out in the world, but we’re a Veggie Tales-loving family (it’s all about Larry and the French peas) and, hey, it’s the Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything.

January 18th

Cloverfield: I’m still not really excited about the hand-held camera concept, but it’s a giant monster movie. How could I not go?

January 25th

Be Kind Rewind: (limited release) The poster for this did nothing for me because frankly I’d like to pretend that VHS never existed, but the trailer sold me with all the no-budget remakes of classic movies.

Rambo: I don’t care if it sucks. If they made a new Commando movie, I’d go see it too. But after Rocky Balboa‘s good reception (I still haven’t seen it, but I heard nothing bad), my hopes are up for this.

Stuff to Watch For: Chloe and Captian Action come to comics

“She’s got to have a different spin.”

I have mixed feelings about Chloe’s joining the supporting cast of Superman comics. On the one hand, it’s something I’ve been hoping to see since about the second season of Smallville. On the other hand, the whole reason I love the character so much was because of her unrelenting loyalty to Clark even though he didn’t return her feelings, and that’s exactly the thing they’re taking away from her comics version.

It’s probably not a coincidence that I’ve become less and less interested in Smallville since Chloe moved on from Clark and started dating Jimmy Olsen either.

Gettin’ some Action

Here’s another one I’ve got mixed feelings about, but this time for purely selfish reasons. I pitched Moonstone on their new Captain Action license and lost out to Fabian Nicieza. Which is no reason to be embarrassed, for sure. But part of me is curious to see what Nicieza came up with, and the other part is naturally thinking that there’s no way it could be as cool as mine. Either way though, I’m really curious to check out the #0 issue in April.

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem

Edited to Add: Minor Spoilers Below

After the first AvP, I remember thinking that except for a couple of glitches it made for a pretty good Predator movie. The girl running around Antarctica in a tank top was ridiculous and I wish they hadn’t bleeped The Line to get the PG-13 rating, but whatever. The Predators kicked ass and I enjoyed myself.

Requiem is just the opposite. In this one, the Predators get the shaft and the Aliens are the stars. It picks up right where the last one left off with the Alien-Predator hybrid attacking the ship and causing it to crash near a small town in Colorado. Across the galaxy, an alarm goes off and a single Predator rushes off to his space ship to… Well, I’m not really sure what he’s trying to do.

Is he damage control? Does he just see a great hunting opportunity? Either way, I’m not really sure why he goes by himself. He certainly ends up needing the help, but then, he also shows that he’s not the brightest Predator on the block. As soon as he’s on Earth he gets snuck up on by a cop, and later on he’s walking on a mesh catwalk and can’t see the Alien hanging from the underside directly beneath him. Actually, it all kind of makes sense if he’s sort of the Snapper Carr of the Predators, stuck on monitor duty when the alarm comes in and stupidly rushing off by himself with the deluded notion that he can handle it. But it doesn’t make for a very cool Predator movie. They don’t even say The Line. It’s rated “R,” so they could’ve, but they didn’t. Very disappointing.

As an Alien movie though, it’s pretty good. There’s a great ensemble cast of small town citizens, including Michelle from 24 as a soldier who’s just returned from Iraq. Michelle was one of three reasons I stuck with 24 as long as I did, so it was very cool watching her again, even if her military skills were put to use mostly as a driver and pilot rather than the machine-gun toting Alien-killer she should have been.

As in any good Alien movie, characters start getting face-hugged, bit, impaled, and burned by acid blood pretty quickly, leaving the rest of them to try to escape town alive. That’s all I’ll say about the plot, except that it’s a great formula that works. The Alien movies are all best when they stick to it.

There are some huge plot holes that keep Requiem from being as good as Alien or Aliens, but it’s a much more exciting movie than Alien 3 and doesn’t meander off into complete stupidity like Alien Resurrection.

Three out of five chest bursts.

Stuff to Watch For: Hellby: The Golden Army

Okay, this reminds me a little of when Ross claimed that he came up with the “Got Milk?” campaign, but the villain from Hellboy 2 looks exactly like an old D&D character of mine. I’ve always wanted to use that character in a fantasy novel, but now it’ll look like I ripped him off from Hellboy.

Still… way looking forward to seeing him on the big screen though.