Wonder Woman #25

Lots of SPOILERS BELOW. I pretty much ruin the whole issue, so skip this whole post if you haven’t read the comic yet and don’t want to know.

So, in the previous issue, Wonder Woman was visting the production of a movie being made about her and learned that an old enemy of hers, the Queen of Fables, is behind the horrid film. Why the Queen is trying to pervert Wonder Woman’s story isn’t so important. What’s interesting is what the conflict reveals about Wonder Woman. Gail Simone makes a few cool points about Wonder Woman, feminism, and Hollywood in this issue.

Witness this scene as Wonder Woman is thrown into the movie and learns the movie’s version of the Amazonian message.

There’s lots of cool fighting after that, including an arena battle between Wonder Woman and some centaurs. Eventually, Wonder Woman of course wins and shuts down the film. Not before one of her gorilla knights gets to play film critic though.

When Wonder Woman does show up, she’s encouraging to those of us who’ve been impatiently waiting for a Wonder Woman movie in real life.

My favorite part of the issue though is when Wonder Woman goes back to talk to the studio’s lawyer. If you’ll remember, this woman objected to Wonder Woman’s status as a role model and I thought it was too bad that last issue didn’t explore that more. I also hoped that they’d get around to it in this issue, and they did. It has to do with the single lawyer’s own daughters.

We also learn that the “real problem” the lawyer’s dealing with is drinking. Diana says that she knew about it last issue because she has “a sense about secrets.” I’m not sure what that means, but it implies that Diana doesn’t always need her lasso to divine the truth. Interesting.

Finally, we get this awesome scene showing Wonder Woman being an inspiration to the person in the story who needs it most.

That’s how it’s done, Diane von Furstenberg.


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