Music Meme: 1993

Continuing my list of favorite albums from every year I’ve been alive.


Tears for Fears: Elemental

Now that’s much more like it. After the misery of 1992, I fully expected to see it followed by another few years of bottom-of-the-barrel scraping, but there were some mighty fine albums in ’93. The Cranberries were a refreshing delight when they debuted and I discovered Chris Isaak that year. My favorite Sting album was released, and though it took me a while to warm up to it, I ended up liking U2’s Zooropa a lot.

My favorite though is also my favorite Tears for Fear album. Curt Smith’s leaving the band (or however that went down) didn’t affect my enjoyment of the music. It was always Roland Orzabal’s voice that drew me to the band and that’s on terrific display here. It’s also the most rocking of their albums.

Runners Up:
The Cranberries: Everybody Else is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?
Chris Isaak: San Francisco Days
Sting: Ten Summoner’s Tales
U2: Zooropa

Collective Soul: “Shine”
Crash Test Dummies: “God Shuffled His Feet”
Celine Dion: “The Power of Love”*
Inner Circle: “Bad Boys”
James: “Laid”
Denis Leary: “Asshole”
The Proclaimers: “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)”**
Adam Sandler: “The Thanksgiving Song”

*And there goes my entire readership.

**Technically, this was a 1988 release, but I (and most of the rest of the country) didn’t discover it until 1993 thanks to Benny and Joon.

Adventureblog Gallery: The Puppies of DOOM!

Your 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Picture of the Day

By Alphonse de Neuville.


By Paul Orban.

Mufindi’s Tale

By Katie Shanahan.

Your Marvel Classics Comics Cover of the Day

By Gil Kane.

Kitty Hawk in the Ruins of Old Seattle

The Kitty Hawk web comic is starting a new chapter and the cover for it looks very promising. Not that it hasn’t already been a great read up to this point.

Super-Villain Rehab

By “PandaFace” (found at The Kirby Project).


By Jeremy Vanhoozer. (Lots more robots at DrawerGeeks.)

Adventureblog Gallery: Grrr!

How the Yellow Cog Crossed the Bar of Gironde

By NC Wyeth.

Your 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Picture of the Day

By Alphonse de Neuville.

Your Marvel Classics Comics Cover of the Day

By Gil Kane. Incidentally, it was shortly after watching Food of the Gods recently that I discovered this cover and decided I needed to share some of these.

Mars Attacks

Golden Age Comic Book Stories has posted the entire set of Topps’ 1962 Mars Attacks cards featuring both giant monsters and giant robots. This is my first time seeing them and I have to say, I’m a little pissed at Tim Burton right now.

Grrr Face

By Jeremy Vanhoozer (found via DrawerGeeks).

Magic City

By Hubert Rogers.

Quack Quack Quack A-Doodley-Doo

The 9 Goofiest Pirates

Leave it to Topless Robot.

They’re right to call these the “goofiest” pirates and not the “lamest” or something else derogatory. Though there’s no doubt that GI Joe‘s Zanzibar is lame, Captain Feathersword is nothing less than Completely Awesome.

Personal Subs!

My oh my, look what Brother Calvin has discovered. I now have a way to launch strikes from my floating sea colony.

Robot 13

Not just a younger generation of Robot 6, Thomas Hall and Daniel Bradford’s robot-with-a-human-skull vs. giant-cephalopod comic sounds amazing. Robot 6 Head Honcho JK Parkin interviewed Hall this weekend and I’ll be reviewing the book soon. Cannot. Wait.

Remember the time the Enterprise went to the bottom of the ocean and got attacked by a submarine with a freeze ray?

Man, they had the wrong guys writing Star Trek back in the day. I’m hoping this is the plot of the next JJ Abrams movie.

Jungle Girls and Dinosaurs

Camilla, Jungle Queen

Hey, mister. That’s not a very nice thing to call her.

The Fortress Keeper has a new jungle girl story up.

Primeval movie?

Warner Brothers has apparently secured the movie rights for Primeval. I’m not sure how to feel about this.

My son actually got me hooked on the show after discovering it on YouTube. We watched the first two seasons on Netflix and got caught up just in time to start the third season on BBC America. I should do a longer Primeval post at some point, but for now I’ll just say that it’s a great show. I don’t like every single part of it (the villain isn’t nearly as threatening as she ought to be), but most of cast is excellent, the overarcing story is compelling, and of course there are dinosaurs and other monstrosities to fight each week.

Beyond the usual nervousness about replacing actors I already love with ones I might not so much, I’m trying to figure out how they can possible squeeze the entire show (or even a single season’s worth) into two hours. I suppose one season’s meta-story could fit into a feature film if you cut out a bunch of the weekly monsters. That would leave room for sequels to cover the arcs from subsequent seasons. It could work…

Robot Monster News

The Apocalipstix

This week’s Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs column is a review of a comic about a post-apocalyptic girl-band that fights mutants and giant ants. It could be the most perfect comic I’ve read this year.

Monsters vs. Aliens: the TV series?

Well, there’s a pilot coming anyway. I must be living right.

The Top 85 Robot Movies

The Only Good Movies Blog has a list of the Top Robot Movies of All Time. They’re listed in categories (Scary Robot Movies, Funny Robot Movies, Bad Robot Movies, etc), which is a far more useful system than a subjective quality ranking, though they seem to be ranked by quality within each category. Maybe. That’s never really explained.

My big gripe about the list has to do with the descriptions of each film not always saying anything about the robots in them. The entry for The Day the Earth Stood Still, for example, says nothing about Gort, and none of the four Star Wars entries mention droids at all.

Still, it’s an interesting list and I’ve now got lots of new films to add to my Netflix queue.