Sunday Matinee: Maybe you can hire… the Enterprise?


Dino Dolls (and other plushy awesomeness)

Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs turned me on to Megan Baehr‘s awesome, handmade plush dolls. She does a lot more than just dinosaurs though. Check out her Flickr stream to see her Yeti, Water Sprite, Quetzalcoatl, and tons of animals.

Quotes of the Week: The Dark Dark Phoenix Saga

You mean to tell me that nobody would go see an action movie about a black chick with an afro, a robot arm, a sneer and a half-Japanese sword-wielding BFF in 2010? That they’d rather see The Dark Dark Phoenix Saga instead? Get outta here.
David Brothers, on why a superhero movie about characters who are already People of Color would be one-billion per cent better than one in which white characters were simply recast as ones.

This isn’t the game-changer you’re waiting for, but it shines a somewhat clearer spotlight on the real thing to come. A game-changing tablet computer will combine the design philosophy and ease-of-use attributed to the iPad with the OS, hardware and functionality of a netbook, and it’ll cost $200-300 less than the lowest-priced iPad model.
Dirk Deppey, expressing my attitude about the iPad as well. When I can get my iTouch and replace my laptop with the same device, Apple, then we’ll talk.

Friday Night Art Show: Are You Looking for Shells Too?

Citadel of Calvi

By MC Escher. Yes, that MC Escher. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]


By Eric Kincaid. [Never Sea Land]

By Dorian Cleavenger. [Never Sea Land]


By Francesco Francavilla.

Alpha Flight

By Davinder.

Sherlock Homes

By Brandon Graham.

Bond and Honey

By Mike Maihack.

Nick Fury

By Evan “Doc” Shaner.

The Hulk

By Marc Basile. [Kirby-Vision]

Destruction Halted

By Jeremy Vanhoozer.

Happy Birthday, David!

Today’s my son’s eighth birthday, so in honor of him I’m going to kick off this week’s art show with two items that he’ll especially enjoy.

David’s Favorite Superhero Comics Character

By Craig Rousseau.

Tarzan fighting a triceratops … under water!

By George Wilson. [Gold Key Comics!]

Happy Birthday, Buddy!

For the rest of you guys, I’ll get the rest of the art show up in a bit.

What Looks Good for Comics in March

This week’s Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs looks at the awesome, new comics coming out in March.

See … Tiny Gargoyles!
Fear … Vicious Assassins!
Explore … Hollow Worlds!
Thrill … to Viking Warrior-Women!
Marvel … at the Crack Team of Russian, Gas-Mask Wearing Supernatural Investigators!
Chuckle … at the Comment: “What’s wrong with the cover of Sif #1? You can’t see her tits or ass!” (Thanks for that Kirok. Totally made my day.)

New Space Comics from Samuel L Jackson and Otis Frampton

Cold Space

Boom! Studios is going to publish a space-adventure comic written by Samuel L Jackson called Cold Space. I’m usually skeptical when actors decide they want to write comics, but not this time. Jackson’s a smart, talented guy whose love for comics is well-documented. I’m looking forward to seeing the story he’s going to tell.

Escape from Planet Nowhere

I remember being struck by this image when Otis Frampton first posted it almost a year ago. Now he’s turning it into a webcomic debuting in March at Planet Mark your books!