Art Show: L’Esclave Blanche

Human Torpedo Strike

By Mort Künstler. [Illustrateurs]


Photo by Kimli. From the ceiling of a bar she visited. She’s also got some video where you can see the rest of the ceiling.

The Glory of Tiki

Artist Unknown [Discovered during the travels of Admiral Calvin]

After the break: a jungle girl, Hellboy vs. Silhouette, a voodoo warrior, Frankenstein vs Dracula, robots, their space girl, and mythological maidens.

By Constantin Belinsky. [Illustrateurs]

Hellboy vs Silhouette

By Victor Santos.

By Jesús Alonso Iglesias.

Voodoo Warrior

By Travis Hanson.

Frankenstein’s Monster

By Stefano Caselli. [Hey, Oscar Wilde! It’s Clobberin’ Time!!!]

Beyond the Grave

By Frank Frazetta. [Illustrateurs]

Robot Heart

Artist Unknown. [Brother Calvin]


By Lorenzo Etherington.


By Mike Deodato. [Pink of the Ink]

The Moon Maid

By Sam Hiti, after J Allen St John.

Dawn Attack

By Frank Frazetta. [Illustrateurs]

Memorial Day

“Happy” Memorial Day never seems appropriate. My Dad served as a Marine in Viet Nam and fortunately made it home okay. My father-in-law served there in the Army and though he made it back alive, the war eventually killed him anyway. Agent Orange is just a lot slower than bullets and bombs.

So while my family will be eating bratwurst and brownies today and having a good time in the park with family and friends (and I’ll hopefully be finding time later to do some light-hearted blogging about space girls and Frankenstein’s monster), we’ll also be remembering the sacrifices of fallen soldiers and their families. And imagining a world where that’s no longer necessary.

Comics News: The McDuffie Principle

Sufferin’ Shad!

Snell totally blows my image of Namor as a cool, tough guy with multiple examples of the sea-king’s hilariously ridiculous exclamations.

The Gamekeeper Omnibus

Back when Virgin Comics still existed, the only series of theirs that I was really interested in was Guy Ritchie’s Gamekeeper. Partly because it was a Guy Ritchie concept, a lot because the story sounded cool (the gamekeeper of a huge, wooded estate turns the tables on the black ops team that have attacked his employer and destroyed his life), but mostly because it was written by two of my favorite writers: first Andy Diggle and then Jeff Parker.

Unfortunately, Virgin folded before the entire story could be collected, but Dynamite’s now got that covered. The 256-page story is coming out in August as a $25 paperback.

Pass the Comics: The Mummy

I didn’t find enough comics for a separate “Pass the Comics” post this week, so we’ll just include this one here. [The Horrors of It All, Part One and Part Two]

“I can’t do this–“

Talking about continuity and canon, Dwayne McDuffie once made a comment the wisdom of which has stuck with me ever since. “If I didn’t see it, it didn’t happen.” That’s why I’m not at all upset about the stupidity of the revelation that Rogue apparently had sex with the Sentry at some point.

It certainly is a ridiculous development (Topless Robot has exactly the right reasons about why), but even though I technically have seen it (in the panels above), I’m still claiming protection under the McDuffie Principle. In fact, I’m broadening that principle to, “If I don’t like it, it didn’t happen.”

I’m tired of letting publishers dictate what is and isn’t canon. They’ve proven over and over again that they’ll let all manner of silliness go on, so why should they get to be the shepherds? Let them do what they do: throw tons of stories out there with various levels of quality. I’ll pick the ones I like and build my own canon, thank you very much. Paul Jenkins’ fan fiction doesn’t have to be a part of it just because Marvel published it.

Writing is Hard: The Master Fiction Plot

Even though it’s been around longer than I’ve been alive, I don’t think I’ve read Lester Dent’s (Doc Savage) essay on how to write successful Pulp fiction before now. I’m much less fond of writing-formulas and templates than I used to be, but Dent obviously had a lot of luck with it. So while I can’t see myself using it a lot, I do think it would be a fun exercise to at least try it out on an appropriate story.

Elsewhere on the Internets: Hopped Up and Hotwired!

Here’s what else I’ve been up to lately:

Five for Friday

Last weekend’s assignment was to Name Five Memorable Islands From The Comics. Mine were:

1. Hydra Island
2. Paradise Island
3. Dinosaur Island
4. Madripoor
5. Oolong Island

But that post if full of great ones that I didn’t think of.

David’s Dinosaur Blog

My son let his dinosaur blog lapse, but he’s promised me that he’s recommitting himself to it. Up this week, a non-stegosaurus and an indricothere cake.

What Are You Reading?

Recently, I’ve been reading a monster-hunter comic called Ex Occultus and Jeff Smith’s Shazam: The Monster Society of Evil.

After the break: July comics, SpringCon, and I get quoted.

What Looks Good for July

This week’s Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs is a look at the cool, new adventure comics coming out in July. We got monsters, penguins, furry warriors, the Mad Hatter, pirates, Frankenstein, Conan, Doctor Spektor, evil summer camp, Sherlock Holmes, aliens, secret agents (one of whom is Cinderella), serial killers, talking hippos, gun-toting primates, cowboys, a Nazi doomsday weapon in a hidden city, Mulder and Scully vs 30 Days of Night, a dragon-punching kitten, and (as if you needed it) more.

I Probably Think This Song is About Me

While looking for an image of the cover for the new collected Warlord of Io from SLG (pre-order it now please, because I want more of it!) to use with the GRD post above, I noticed a quote from my review on James Turner’s website. I hate that I’m vain enough to mention it, but I love Turner’s work so much that it was quite a thrill to see.

SpringCon Report

I think my camera’s dying or something because the pictures I took at SpringCon look really washed out. Or maybe it’s operator-error. Anyway, my full report from the show (with tons of washed out photos) is at Robot 6. That’s me with Jeff Parker and Phil Hester above.