Quotes of the Week: Mmm, corn!

Image by Mike Maihack.

…you know what they always say about kids? That kids can’t distinguish between fantasy and reality. And that’s actually bullshit. When a kid’s watching The Little Mermaid, the kids knows that those crabs that are singing and talking aren’t really like the crabs on the beach that don’t talk. A kid really knows the difference. Then you’ve got an adult, and adults can not tell the difference between fantasy and reality. You bring them fantasy, and the first thing they say is ‘How did he get that way? Why does he dress like that? How did that happen?’
Grant Morrison, on how grown-ups ruin everything. (By the way, I agree with him and the rest of that post is well worth reading for additional thoughts by Carla Speed McNeil and Sean T Collins.)

My goodness! How shall we “entice Middle America without a lot of complicated explication”? Let’s spread corn kernels on a path to the theater in the hopes that they will be confused into thinking it’s harvest-related and they’ll just come a-runnin’! Let’s call it Hoedown instead of Inception; maybe that will help!
Linda Holmes, taking The Hollywood Reporter to task for not giving my people enough credit to be interested in a Christopher Nolan film.

The Awesome List: Greet Your Creature with the Double Feature

Sharktopus trailer

I hope this is half the fun that the music makes it sound. [Undead Backbrain]

Shanna the She-Devil Blogger

Discovered this awesome blog this week. It’s primary focus is jungle girls, but blogger Mike Destasio also loves Conan, Tarzan, Red Sonja, and Hercules.

Frankenstein costume

Oh, I’m sorry. I mean the “Freak-N-Monster Creature Reacher” costume. Whatever the name, it’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. [Horror Sniped]

Battle of the Planets trailer

[Brother Cal]

Art Show: A City of Web-Foot People Built in a Watery World

Squid Attack!

By Lawrence Sterne Stevens. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

Up in the Sky!

By Al Feldstein. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

After the break: Wonder Woman, apes, lots of robots, and space girls on Venus.

Wonder Woman

By J Bone. [Lots of his other great WW designs in that link too.]


By Evan “Doc” Shaner.

The Human Robot!

By Evan “Doc” Shaner. [He’s done the rest of Atlas too!]

Robo Dawn!

By Francesco Francavilla.


By Ben Templesmith.

La Planete des Singes

By Jean Mascii. [Illustrateurs]

City on Venus

By Frank R Paul. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

Wide-Open Planet

By Leo Morey. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

Elsewhere… CrossGen returned

Here’s what else I’ve been up to online:

The Return of CrossGen?

Inspired by the Comic-Con news that Marvel’s planning to do “some CrossGen stuff” now that they access to the properties Disney bought when CrossGen went belly-up, Tim O’Shea and I came up with a list of six CrossGen series we’d like to see make a comeback. I was a huge CrossGen fan back in the day, so knowing that it could be resurrected in some form is all the reason I need to appreciate Disney’s buying Marvel.

What Are You Reading?

Short reviews of Super Maxi-Pad Girl #3 and a serial killer mystery called The Awakening.

The Royal Historian of Oz and Fanfic

In this week’s Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs, we tackle the age-old problem of creator-owned work vs. corporate-owned (or public domain, as the case may be). Which should you read? Which should you create? And what does the concept of Official Canon have to do with it?

2 Things I Learned from Aquaman #11

By sheer coincidence, right after I read The Aquaman Shrine’s recap of Brightest Day #6 (and its retcon of Aquaman and Mera’s entire relationship), I got to Aquaman #11 (the first appearance of Mera) in Showcase Presents Aquaman, Volume 2.

Brightest Day #6 SPOILERS below.

In Brightest Day, Mera reveals that she was originally sent to Earth on a mission to assassinate the King of Atlantis, but that when she met Aquaman she fell in love with him and couldn’t follow through.   

The first lesson I learned from Aquaman #11 is that significantly more has changed than just Mera’s motives, because Aquaman wasn’t King of Atlantis in the original story. In fact, he and Aqualad didn’t even live there. They were still hanging out in the Aquacave, patrolling the seas on porpoiseback; only stopping by Atlantis when the city had a major threat that needed dealing with.

But continuity has been rebooted by a Crisis or four since 1963, so perhaps in the current timeline Aquaman was ruling Atlantis when Mera showed up. What that means though is that – while Brightest Day is still a valid story about the effect Mera’s confession has on her husband – it’s not exactly a major revelation or an Event for the audience. It’s not Everything You Know is Wrong. It’s You Really Didn’t Know Anything About This, But Everything You Assumed You Knew Based on Pre-Crisis History is Wrong. In other words, Mera’s confession may impact the current version of Aquaman in a big way, but should directly impact the readers a lot less, especially considering that we don’t really know this Aquaman very well.

The second thing I learned from Aquaman #11 is that maybe we shouldn’t be using Aquaman as a spokesperson for outrage against the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

That’s right. Aquaman stops the tyrant who usurped Mera’s throne by creating an oil spill that covers the bad guys in crude. And it gets worse, because it’s not actually the oil itself that defeats the villains. It’s what’s in the oil.

I’m detecting some uncertainty in his eyes there. It’s like he knows what he did was wrong, but he did it anyway. And if that’s not bad enough, he passed on this attitude to Batman.

Art Show: The Fantastic Night of Terror that Menaced the Fate of the World!

Onward through the Mangroves

By Chris Turnham.

The Abominable Charles Christopher

By Katie Cook.

Monsters and Heroes

By Larry Ivie. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

After the break: a giant insect, Avengers, Batgirl, Black Widow, Wonder Woman, and some space girls.

Giant Mantis Attack!

By Erle Bergey. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

Avengers Assemble!

By Art Adams. [Giant-Size Marvel]


By Melody Moore. [Pink of the Ink]

Black Widow

Artist Unknown. [Pink of the Ink]

The All-New Wonder Woman

By Mike Maihack.


By Ron Conley.

Devil Girl from Mars

Artist Unknown. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]