Mark Waid explains Captain Marvel

Popgun Chao$! has a great interview with Mark Waid about Captain Marvel. Specifically, what makes him attractive, what differentiates him from other superheroes, why he’s such a difficult character to build a series around, and why he doesn’t have to be. To no surprise, Waid absolutely nails it.

He’s also inspired me to check out not only Chip Kidd’s new Shazam! book, but also DC’s Shazam! Archives.

Elsewhere… monsters were killed.

Kill All Monsters!: The Blog

Remember to bookmark the Kill All Monsters! blog if you like your giant robots and monsters. It’s much more than updates about the webcomic. This week, for instance, I reviewed Skyline and linked to a couple of great, giant monster strips by David DeGrand and Katie Cook.

Blood Song

In this weeks What Are You Reading? column at Robot 6, I talked briefly about Eric Drooker’s lovely and heart-breaking Blood Song.

Food or Comics?

If I only had $15 to spend on comics this week, it would go to Alpha Flight and Salimba, Paul Chadwick’s comic about a pirate-fighting jungle girl. Hit that link to find out what I’d get with more money than that.

What Looks Good for January

This week’s Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs was a look at the cool, new adventure comics coming out in January. Lots of space pulp and Sherlock Holmes, among other awesome things.

Art Show: Alacazam!


By Ian Churchill. [Out in Rows]

By Gene Gonzales.

By Oliver Wetter. [Pink of the Ink]


By Samax Amen.

Harry and Hermi

By Tsulala. [Pink of the Ink]

Mary Marvel

By Todd Nauck. [Big Shiny Robot!]

Wonder Woman

By Aaron Lopresti. [iFanboy]

Thor Girl

By Adam Hughes. [Thanks to Jess Hickman for showing me this!]


By Katie Cook. [You know, in naming this file it occurred to me that Death Cook would be an awesome name for a superhero.]