Art Show: Strange Visitor from Another Planet


By Evan Shaner. I occasionally have a hard time remembering what I like about Superman, but this picture brings it all back. I love the determination on his face mixed with the little smile. He’s about to save a life or lives, but he’s having fun doing it. Not because he’s careless about the responsibility, but because he truly enjoys his job. This is so much more meaningful to me than images that show him off in the distance, detached from humanity. [ComicTwart]


By Ted Naifeh.

Alpha Flight’s Night Out

By Ryan Alexander-Tanner. I love Sasquatch’s expression as he’s not sure what to do with a depressed Puck. Meanwhile, Mac earns his name. [Drawbridge]


By Gavin Spence. I’ve been looking through some old files recently and found this by my pal Gav who’s also one of the artists on Cownt Tales.

Joy-Rider Spider

By Caanan Grall.

Discover the Thrill of Space and Time

By Justin White. [Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs: Click the link to find out also what happens to T-Rexes who play with finger traps.]

Western Robot

Artist Unknown. [Brother Cal has found several great robot paintings.]


2 thoughts on “Art Show: Strange Visitor from Another Planet

  1. I will have a tiny announcement about one of those artists hopefully sometime this month.Although now I've probably built it up more then it deserves to be…

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