Island Intelligence: Aquawar

I’m abandoning the “Awesome List” title for news round-ups. Sometimes stuff isn’t awesome, but I want to talk about it anyway (see: the way DC’s handling its Aquawar storyline).


*A collection of Aquaman “splash” pages (get it?) by Jim Aparo. [Diversions of the Groovy Kind]

*DC teases some of its Aquawar storyline coming up in Brightest Day. I’ve been easing back into periodical comics after abandoning them for a year and I’d love for Aquaman’s story to be one of the ones I can read as it comes out. Unfortunately, since it’s part of Brightest Day, the only way I can read it is to endure the stories of a bunch of other characters I don’t care anything about. That’s not something I’m willing to do. I’ll have to continue to keep up via The Aquaman Shrine’s excellent summaries. [The Source]

*Greg McElhatton reviews Marineman #s 1 and 2. [Read About Comics]


*Marvel’s working on a Black Panther movie. [The Hollywood Reporter]


*An undersea hunter in Indonesia is able to hold his breath for five minutes and stalk his prey on the ocean floor. It would be unbelievable, except that there’s footage. [Awesome Robot!]

*If the T-shirt he wears on stage is any indication, the lead singer of The Kickback is an Alpha Flight fan. The band also has a song called “Alpha Filght.” I need to listen to some Kickback, I’m thinking. [You Ain’t No Picasso]

*Project: Rooftop, Warren Ellis, Superhero Cocoa, and Superhero of the Month are banding together to ask artists to redesign Aquaman. [Project: Rooftop]


4 thoughts on “Island Intelligence: Aquawar

  1. I hear ya. My comics info is all from online sources now, I just don't have the urge or need to go and buy the comics anymore. Does that make me a pseudo-fan or something?The "Emperor Aquaman" mini looks interesting, however.

  2. The Flashpoint backlash on some blogs is confusing me. Comics are pretty simple; pick up the ones you want, ignore the ones you don't. These are all ties ins that will expand parts of the story, the main plot of Flashpoint will still be in that book.Did someone force these people to buy every Blackest Night related comic?

  3. Apparently so. Two things are certain about every event that DC and Marvel do:1. People will complain about them.2. They will also buy them.This will be true until folks learn to communicate with their money as well as their mouths. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being the kind of fan who wants to collect every comic that DC and Marvel say "matters." That's a cool hobby if you can afford it. But people who choose to be that kind of fan have given up the right to have their complaints about it taken seriously.

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