Savage Beauty #1 now on sale!

I’m embarrassed, but I totally whiffed on mentioning last week that you could’ve bought a comic with writing by me in it. I didn’t write the comic itself, but in the back of Savage Beauty #1 is a text piece I wrote about jungle fiction in general and jungle girl stories in particular. 

The reason I forgot to bring it up here was that I was busy getting my interview with Savage Beauty‘s real writer, Mike Bullock, ready to go for Robot 6. Part of my fascination with modern jungle comics is how writers avoid the offensiveness of some of the genre’s tropes. I talked to Mike about how he balances fun adventure with the horrific, real-world elements that he weaved into The Phantom and now Savage Beauty.

Check and see if your store has a copy of Savage Beauty #1. It promises to be a cool, interesting series.


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