Wonder Woman vs Sea Monsters Ascendant

Back in May, I noticed that as I was being born, Tarzan was fighting an underwater triceratops. I mentioned that that may be a revealing piece of information, but it took Siskoid to not only turn it into a meme, but improve on it with a second feature. My comics birth sign (as Siskoid’s dubbed it) is based on a comic with the same cover date as my birth month, but if you visit that same Comics Time Machine, you can also show all the comics sold during your birth month. Siskoid calls this “you ASCENDANT, a secondary sign that has a strong influence on you, especially during your upbringing.” Naturally, I had to find mine.

Wonder Woman vs Sea Monsters is an entirely appropriate ascendant sign for me. If there was anything that combated my interest in exciting adventure fiction as a kid, it was pretty, strong-willed girls. Other than the girls becoming women, not much has changed since then.


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