EXCLUSIVE(ish?): Ben Caldwell’s Atlantean war machines

It’s probably obvious by now that I’m a big fan of Ben Caldwell’s work. From his All-Action Classics comics (especially Dracula!) to his Wonder Woman story for Wednesday Comics to his recent re-release of The Dare Detectives, I can’t get enough of his energetic, imaginative, animated style. So I got very excited when he emailed me this concept art for a new story he’s working on in addition to his other gigs.

As Ben explained it, it’s “about a superhero from Atlantis. This is how the Atlanteans depict two of their ancient war machines. Like everything else I do, it would involve violence-prone girls and lost civilizations and secret societies with super-weapons. Thought you might enjoy them.” He knows me well.

Anyway, I thought you might enjoy them too, so I asked if I could share them and Ben said, “Sure!” Like I said, Ben’s working on this around other projects, so there’s no planned completion date or anything, but it’s yet another awesome comic to look forward to.


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