LXB | March Madness: James Bond vs John Connor

For the first three weeks of March, we’re going to answer the question, one match at a time, of who would win if 12 movie tough guys were airdropped into an abandoned city and only one could escape.

That’s not exactly a fair photo match-up, but it accurately illustrates the outcome of this fight regardless of which versions of the characters we’re talking about. If we match toughest with toughest, Daniel Craig still beats Christian Bale. And at their weakest: Roger Moore takes Edward Furlong.

I suppose we could get goofy and make Woody Allen the weakest Bond, but then we’re going to have to allow Fetus John Connor from the first Terminator and I think even Woody Allen might be able to take him. The only way this works in Connor’s favor is to let Christian Bale fight Woody Allen.

Unless we allow gadgets and count the T-800. I reckon Arnold Schwarzenegger trumps a wrist-mounted dart gun, but that seems outside the spirit of determining the toughest badass. Daniel Craig wins and for the purpose of the rest of this contest: he’ll be our Bond.


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