Song of the Week: "Bodies of Water" by Ramona Falls


5 things I learned from a second look at Mirror Mirror

In honor of Mirror Mirror‘s DVD release today (I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it), here are five observations I made after re-watching it.


  1. The movie gently subverts fairy tales through the prince. He begins the movie with sort of classic, fairy tale motivations and attitudes: he travels for no other reason than seeking adventure and he’s very traditional in his attitude about the dwarves and women. It takes him longer than the other characters to let go of those ideas, but by the end he’s fully comfortable with Snow White’s being active in her own story. 
  2. Though Julia Roberts does a lot of hamming in this movie, she’s obviously having a great time doing it and it’s hard to dislike her for that.
  3. Someone needs to make an action movie starring Martin Klebba. Seriously. Please. And for God’s sake don’t make the title a pun about his size.
  4. Sean Bean is wonderfully humble and awestruck as the king. Most actors would have played him as fully confident and comfortable in retaking his throne at the end of the movie, but not Bean. He’s awed by his daughter and her companions and subtly, but visibly embarrassed by his involuntary role in Snow’s troubles.
  5. I could watch Lily Collins and the cast dance Bollywood style to “I Believe” all day long.

Artist Alley Comics post-Heroes tease

Jason and I didn’t get to go to Heroes this past weekend, but reports from some of the guys who did are that it went very well. It’s not my place to spill details yet, but there’s already another creator – whom I’m a big fan of – who’s interested in joining Artist Alley Comics. There are also some exciting things are in the works for an upcoming convention this autumn. I’ll say more when I’m allowed to share, but in the meantime, please go check out some free comics if you haven’t already!

Get your Kill All Monsters! Artist Alley Comics is LIVE! [UPDATED]

It’s finally here! The Artist Alley Comics site is up and running and ready for sampling! You can get the color version of the sampler issue as well as the first issues of Richard Case’s Annie Ammo, Craig Rousseau and Rich Woodall’s Kyrra: Alien Jungle Girl, Kelly Yates’ MonstHer, and of course Kill All Monsters! by me and Jason Copland. Other titles like Chris Kemple’s Red Vengeance and Randy Green’s Dollz will appear later. [UPDATE: I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Red Vengeance is up NOW.]

I forget if I’ve mentioned this before, but Jason and I are splitting Kill All Monsters! into issues with each chapter being a complete issue. We’ll release an issue a month until the whole thing is done, which should be about a year from now. So, for those of you who’ve already read the webcomic version, some of this will be familiar for a while. A big difference will be that you’ll get to own the comic as a PDF. but that’s not the only difference. In some of the early issues, we’ll be adding pages here and there to flesh out the story a bit more, so there’ll be new material too. And of course, before you know it we’ll be into all-new territory with never-before-seen story.

It’s all very exciting and I hope you’ll check it out as well as the other comics. There’s some fantastic talent in this group that’s absolutely humbling to be around, and the plan is to add more and more creators and awesome comics as we go. The first issues and the sampler are all free and future issues are going to be super affordable, so please go take a look.

Uko Smith draws a mean jungle team

Remember that project that Jess Hickman, Uko Smith, and I came up with after SpringCon last month? Well, Uko’s been doing some thinking about it too and it inspired him to draw this. I’ve started making some inquiries about how to pull off what we have in mind, so stayed tuned for more info.

In the meantime, if you wanna see more of Uko’s work, I can hook you up.