The LXB recasts awesome movies

The League of Extraordinary Bloggers has finished recasting their favorite movies and there are some great ones in the bunch. A few of my favorites:

Brian has the whole round-up at Cool and Collected and there are lots to look at: from Three Amigos and Anne of Green Gables to Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! and Shoot to Kill. Check ’em out!

4 thoughts on “The LXB recasts awesome movies

  1. Chris Hemsworth does seem the ideal pick for the Brawny-Man type hero after "Thor" and "Huntsman". I'm kind of surprised after successfully rocketing to such a recognizable leading position in such a short amount of time that he hasn't been tapped for more romantic comedy leads. Girls go because he's an attractive guy in what looks like a lighthearted flick and Guys go because "Hey, its Thor!"

  2. I'm reasonably certain that most studios stockpile cheap, easily marketable RomCom scripts with leads that aren't all that challenging to play, and don't require much more than plugging in recognizable names from a list into the roles. With his good looks and rising stardom, I'm certain he's been put on some kind of short list for those kind of parts.I like what Chris Hemsworth is doing so far, but I think he may want to diversify a little while he's still fresh.Also, he needs to act in something opposite Chris Pine, even if its just for one scene.

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