LXB | ’80s high school mixtape

This week’s League of Extraordinary Blogger’s assignment is music-related:

What songs were forever being looped on your car’s stereo back in high school. A cassette could only hold a dozen or so songs, so that’s the magic number of songs to list.

I bought a lot of music in high school. I didn’t have the technology to make a decent mixtape, but I worked in a grocery store next to a K-Mart and every payday I’d go next door and buy at least one cassette. I had a huge collection, but it’s pretty easy to remember the albums that got the most play in my car. I drove a Chevy Suburban for most of high school, but my folks also had a Mitsubishi Dodge Colt Vista (the car was as odd as the name) that I ended up driving quite a bit as well. Fortunately, both had cassette decks.

I was all about New Wave, though seeing Purple Rain caused me to buy and wear out a couple of copies of that tape as well as Morris Day’s album. That was the thing about cassettes. If you played them enough, you could literally wear them out by stretching the tape to the point that it was unlistenable.

Here are twelve of my most-played songs from those days.

“Lay Your Hands on Me” (Thompson Twins) 

“View to a Kill” (Duran Duran) 

“The More You Live, the More You Love” (Flock of Seagulls) 

“Love My Way” (The Psychedelic Furs) 

“So in Love” (OMD)

“Things Can Only Get Better” (Howard Jones)

“Pride” (U2) 

“Jungle Love” (Morris Day and the Time)

“Strip” (Adam Ant)

“Take on Me” (a-ha) 

“Rebel Yell” (Billy Idol) 

“Relax” (Frankie Goes to Hollywood)


3 thoughts on “LXB | ’80s high school mixtape

  1. Is that a picture of you, or James Spader as Stef in Pretty in Pink? :PI love new wave and every single one of these songs is great. I still listen to all of these on a regular basis.

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