FallCon’s coming!

I’ll be at FallCon this year with copies of the color Artist Alley Preview Book, so I’m looking forward to sharing that. David will be back with his last few copies of Hulkasaurus and I’m hoping he’ll create something new for the show. He did really well with Hulkasaurus at SpringCon.

Also, Diane will be making her debut appearance at an MCBA show. I’m not sure what all she has planned to show and sell, but I do know she’s been practicing Pokemon characters and wants to do some face painting.

Mark your calendars! We’re back in the Education building for this show, so there’ll be a lot of room for a ton of new creators. Cannot wait.


4 thoughts on “FallCon’s coming!

  1. Well I was serious at first, but then I looked up their site and saw that this event is only one day. Also, Google Maps says it'll take me over 12 hours to drive there. In light of that I think I'd be better off holding out for SpringCon so that I can have more time to check out the events and show my portfolio around to more people.

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