Hey, Twin Cities | Buccaneers at the Children’s Theatre Company

The awesome Children’s Theatre Company always picks great plays to produce, but they’ve outdone themselves with this one. From now through October 21, they’re doing Buccaneers by Liz Duffy Adams and Ellen Maddow. There’s a fun YouTube video below with the cast and crew explaining the story, but it’s basically about a girl who runs away from home to be a pirate:

When Enid Arabella learns of her downtrodden parents’ plan to send her away, she takes to the high seas, only to be captured by the tyrannical pirate Johnny Johné. Enid must summon her wit and gumption to save herself and the rest of the children of Johné’s crew. Under the most threatening of circumstances, the dragooned team of reluctant young sailors learns to form a democracy and ultimately to forgive the adults that have repressed them. This raucous world premiere pirate musical, with a score drawn from sea shanties and music from around the world, is a thrilling tale of empowerment, leadership, and justice.


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