31 Days of Dracula | Little Book of Horror (2005)

In the mid-’00s, Steve Niles teamed up with some excellent comics artists to create a series of picture books called Little Books of Horror. He adapted Frankenstein with Scott Morse, War of the Worlds with Ted McKeever, and Dracula with Richard Sala.

Niles makes some changes to Stoker’s novel, presumably to simplify the story, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Lucy’s gone, as are all of her suitors. Dracula attacks Mina directly when he arrives in England and Van Helsing is called in by Mina’s dad. Van Helsing and Mina hunt Dracula alone and the end of the story is completely different (though it shares some similarities to the Lugosi film). Knowing that though, it’s a fun twist on the story and Sala was the perfect choice to illustrate it, with his dark, but humorous style.

The book by itself is out of print, I think, but it’s included in IDW’s Big Book of Horror with the other two adaptations. I reviewed the whole collection for Robot 6 a while back.


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