31 Days of Dracula | Hotel Transylvania (2012)

On the most recent episode of Pop Culture Happy Hour, Stephen Thompson talks about how Halloween children’s entertainment has lately been mostly about demystifying monsters by presenting them as the good guys. To be fair, Anne Rice kind of started that whole deal, but Thompson is right and Hotel Transylvania is the worse for it. Beyond how difficult it is to get past Adam Sandler sounding exactly like Adam Sandler doing a Lugosi accent, it’s also tough to see everyone’s favorite vampire seriously afraid of humans.

If you can deal with that though, there’s a nice story in Hotel Transylvania about being a domineering parent or just a control freak in general. And in a very broad way, domination and control-issues seem like appropriate character traits to make a comedic Dracula have to deal with. It’s also a very funny movie and does a great job of creating a believable world that’s fun to spend time in. For all the Adam Sandlerness of it, it’s also a Genndy Tartakovsky film. You can see those aspects duking it out onscreen, but for me, Tartakovsky wins and I ultimately enjoyed the movie. Depending on the strength of your feelings about the two men, your mileage may vary.


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