That F*ing Monkey Podcast (feat. Me)

Ken O and Brandon from the That F*ing Monkey blog have started a podcast with their pal Eron and allowed me the honor of joining them for Episode 1.

As promised by the logo, the podcast focuses on comics, games, and booze. We talked about Kill All Monsters! some, but also Hawkeye, Rocketeer, JJ Abrams, the state of North American genre TV, and Eron reviews Batch 19 beer.

I don’t remember if video games came up, but they definitely did in the team’s Episode 0, a test episode that they decided to release for public consumption. They’re a bunch of funny guys talking about alcohol and nerd stuff, so check them out.


One thought on “That F*ing Monkey Podcast (feat. Me)

  1. Thanks so much for recording with us. We're still getting used to the whole podcast thing, so the show has a few bumpy places in it, but I think it turned out great.

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