The Forbidden Island

This is exactly what I look like when I’m writing.

I hate when other people write posts like this, so I apologize, but I spent a heck of a lot of time writing actual fiction last week and want to stop and celebrate for a minute. I turned in a short story for a prose anthology that I’m looking forward to talking about more later if the editor doesn’t hate it. Hopefully he won’t because it’s about a missing woman, a forbidden island, a sinister industrialist, and a heroic pilot. And I had a blast writing it.

We’ll call it “The Forbidden Island” for now, because that’s how original I am with titles. If it actually makes it to publication, I’ll reveal more.


5 thoughts on “The Forbidden Island

  1. Those sound like all the elements to a great plot. All you need to add is an evil octopus pulling all the strings and you gots yourself there a classic….oh and a kitty…and ray guns from the future….sorry, got carried away there. Write your own story.

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