Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Stuff

There’s enough Pirates of the Caribbean 4 stuff floating around that it needs its own post to collect it all. In addition to the poster and a bunch of stills from the film

…there’s also the new trailer…

…and rumors that Disney’s already thinking about Pirates 5 and 6.

There. Now I think we’re caught up.


Art Show: Adventures into the Unknown!

The Sailing of the Yellow Cog

By NC Wyeth. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

Pirate Booty

By Katie Cook. [There are several more in that link.]

The Santa Clause

By Mattias Adolfsson. [Lots more in that link too, including Robo Santa, Western Santa, Jazz Santa, and – gasp! – Nude Santa.]


By Basil Wolverton. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

Sea Critter

By Anthony Carpenter.

Ms. Sassy Lady Viking Shark

By Megan Dong.

Mermaid Sailboat Mishap

By Ham Hopfmuller. [Never Sea Land]


By Alex Mitchell. [Part of a Seven Samurai version of the JLA at Project: Rooftop.]

Aquaman and Wonder Woman

By Eric Canate. [JimSmash!!!]

Stranded on Monster Island

By Edvard Moritz. [Admiral Cal]

Elsewhere… monsters were killed.

Kill All Monsters!: The Blog

Remember to bookmark the Kill All Monsters! blog if you like your giant robots and monsters. It’s much more than updates about the webcomic. This week, for instance, I reviewed Skyline and linked to a couple of great, giant monster strips by David DeGrand and Katie Cook.

Blood Song

In this weeks What Are You Reading? column at Robot 6, I talked briefly about Eric Drooker’s lovely and heart-breaking Blood Song.

Food or Comics?

If I only had $15 to spend on comics this week, it would go to Alpha Flight and Salimba, Paul Chadwick’s comic about a pirate-fighting jungle girl. Hit that link to find out what I’d get with more money than that.

What Looks Good for January

This week’s Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs was a look at the cool, new adventure comics coming out in January. Lots of space pulp and Sherlock Holmes, among other awesome things.

Elsewhere… I got dapper

Food or Comics

In this week’s comics-on-a-budget column, I picked Hellboy: Double-Feature of Evil, Return of the Dapper Men, and The Littlest Pirate King, among others.

Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs

Image boosted from Kelly Sue’s old Team in Training page.

I interviewed Kelly Sue DeConnick in the first of hopefully many profiles of my favorite comics storytellers.

Penelope Cruz in Pirates 4

It’s weird not having to do a daily “31 Things” post anymore. For one thing, I don’t have content preplanned for the next month, so I’ve got to think of new things every day. And when I’m behind on checking art blogs like I am, that can be difficult.

So today: how about a photo of Penelope Cruz in costume for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides? Schockya has a couple more in addition to this one.

And as long as I’m thinking about last month’s Halloween countdown, many thanks again to John Rozum and the rest of the Countdown to Halloween folks for spearheading that month-long celebration. It was a lot of fun.