Art Show: Coast to Coast

Little Maid

By NC Wyeth. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

Starfish Girl

By James Jean.

The Sea Ghost

By Jay Piscopo, who has a series of graphic novels called The Undersea Adventures of Capt’n Eli based on the Capt’n Eli soda line from Maine. Sea Ghost is a Hanna Barbera-inspired character from the series who’s spun off into his own one-shot. [The Comic Book Catacombs]


Art Show: Even I, Lucas, have heard the legend of a man-fish.

Ships that pass in the night

Both by Sidney Sime. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]


Artist Unknown [Golden Age Comic Book Stories labels the image as “Egg,” but I don’t know who that is. It doesn’t really look like Edward M. Eggleston‘s stuff. Anyone know?]

What’s that noise?

By Gil Elvgren. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

Creature from the Black Lagoon

By Francesco Francavilla.

Art Show: Monday du Mer

Sea Port

By William J Aylward. [Tons of great Aylward ship art at Golden Age Comic Book Stories.]

Demon of the Deep

By Ken Kelly. [Illustrateurs]

The Aqua Monster

By Sean Hamilton. [Art Jumble]

Wanderwine Prophets

By Alex Horley. [Illustrateurs]

Creature from the Black Lagoon

By Michele Legendre.

This Probably Won’t End Well

[The Aquaman Shrine]


By “Justice.”

Art Show: Let’s Hunt Some Orc!

I’ve got enough backlog that I’m going to go to three Art Show posts a week for a while.

Treasure Ship

By J Allen St John. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

Building the Nautilus

By Jeremy Vanhoozer.

The Mermaid and the Shark

By Jessica Hickman.

After the break: Aquaman 2099, The Six Million Dollar Man vs Bigfoot, She-Hulk, Mary Marvel, Sucker Punch, Hobbit hunters, and giant, apocalyptic cephalopods.

Aquaman 2099

By David Bednarski. [Project: Rooftop]

Steve Austin and Bionic Bigfoot

By Otis Frampton.

The Savage She-Hulk

Cosplayer unknown [Articulated Discussion]

Mary Marvel

Cosplayer Unknown. [Rich Thomas]

Sweet Pea

By Alex Pardee. [/Film]

Lord of the Rings

By Grant Gould and Otis Frampton.

Black Sky

By Ben Templesmith.


Nola’s Worlds

By MiniKim. [Robot 6]

Deep Water

By Jeremy Vanhoozer.

Sea Sketches

By Kyle Latino.

After the break: Karate Kid vs. the Hulk, Godzilla, a giant robot, spaceships, Star Wars, and Oz.

Karate Kid vs. The Hulk

By Phil Hester and Ande Parks. [Comic Art Fans]

Guess Who’s in Town?

By Patrick Reilly. [Thanks to Charles for sending me the link!]

How My Science Project Destroyed The World

By Dan Santat. [io9]


By Eddie Pittman.

Katie Cooktrooper

By Katie Cook, of course. Click the link for close-ups of the helmet. It’s amazing.

Father: Encounter on Dagobah

By Tomer Hanuka. [/Film]

Lion and Scarecrow

By Roy G Krenkel. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

Art Show: Never Too Many Cookes


By NC Wyeth. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

Red Sonja

By Darwyn Cooke. [Comic Art Fans]

I’m not so sure she’s a Federal Agent

Artist Unknown. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

After the break: Much more Darywn Cooke (including Black Canary, Death, Wonder Woman, and Padme). Also, an alien robot and an apocalyptic archer.

Black Canary

By Darwyn Cooke. [Comic Art Fans]

By Darwyn Cooke. [Comic Art Fans]


By Darwyn Cooke. [Comic Art Fans]

Wonder Woman

By Darwyn Cooke. [Comic Art Fans]

Super Robot Alien

By Jeremy Vanhoozer, based on a Magna Doodle concept by his four-year-old son Aidan. So awesome.

I can see this guy hanging out with Thundarr and Kamandi

By Rudolph Belarski. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]


By Darwyn Cooke. [Comic Art Fans]

Friday Night Art Show: Are You Looking for Shells Too?

Citadel of Calvi

By MC Escher. Yes, that MC Escher. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]


By Eric Kincaid. [Never Sea Land]

By Dorian Cleavenger. [Never Sea Land]


By Francesco Francavilla.

Alpha Flight

By Davinder.

Sherlock Homes

By Brandon Graham.

Bond and Honey

By Mike Maihack.

Nick Fury

By Evan “Doc” Shaner.

The Hulk

By Marc Basile. [Kirby-Vision]

Destruction Halted

By Jeremy Vanhoozer.