Captain Nemo hates cephalopods: No. 6,782

You guys, Mark Schultz! You guys!

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Ocean skyscrapers, Jurassic Park 3D, and other news

People vs Nature: The Fort

  • As the climate continues to change and the world gets deadlier for humanity, a couple of Ukranian designers have conceived what they believe to be a structure so sturdy that God himself couldn’t sink it. I know I’ve heard that somewhere before… Bold claims aside, I’d totally live in that place.

People vs Nature: The Swim

People vs Nature: The Biopic

  • James Cameron is producing a film about “the love between free divers Francisco ‘Pipin’ Ferraras and his wife Audrey Mestre, and the record-setting attempt that claimed Mestre’s life.” Martin Campbell (Casino Royale, Green Lantern) will direct.

People vs Nature: The Tour

  • If you missed out on that Groupon trip to the Titanic wreck, you can still book a similar trip for regular price. Deep Ocean Expeditions will be happy to take you down to 10,000 feet or deeper. All you need is between $30,000 to $375,000 depending on location. The Titanic costs around $60,000, but you can get to the Bismark later this year for less than $48,000. The most expensive one is called 20,000 Leagues Under the Atlantic and allows tourists to “traverse the North Atlantic basin, picking out an undersea route from Europe to North America.”

Remember those photos of the Titanic wreck?

So just what is down there at the bottom of the ocean?

The US Navy wants Robo-Subs

Why giant squids have giant eyes

Floating islands

Speaking of isolated islands

Hanging tents

  • A company called tentsile has invented a cross between a tent and a hammock “to provide separation from wildlife, including insects, snakes and other predators but also from sand storms, earth tremors, cold or wet ground, debris or contamination.” I do most of my camping at the Hyatt, but I still want one.

The River could join Terra Nova at Netflix

If you want to watch something about a river… 

Tarzan trading cards

Reading List: Becky Cloonan’s The Mire

Jurassic Park 3D

Terra Nova cancelled, Tarzan arrested, and other news

Seems like a lot of cool/interesting stuff happened this week. Let’s recap.

Terra Nova cancelled

  • FOX announced that there would be no second season for Terra Nova, at least not on their network. The show was a modest ratings success, but not the blockbuster hit it needed to be to justify its expense. It never came together well creatively either. FOX was trying to figure out how to tweak a potential second season, but gave up.

    I’m not a fan of the mediocre relationship drama of the show – especially the way it sidelines the dinosaurs – but my son likes it pretty well and I’ve heard from other fans who are disappointed by this news. There may be a glimmer of hope for those folks. Though nothing’s been signed yet, Netflix is thinking about picking it up.

My new favorite Tarzan movie

MIT Certificates of Piracy

Ron Ely Tarzan series on DVD

Kickstart an ERB documentary

James Cameron’s 3D underwater documentary

Tarzan arrested for keeping tigers

  • Steve Sipek (aka Steve Hawkes) starred in a couple of Spanish/Italian Tarzan films in 1969 and 1972. It was during the filming of the second of these, Tarzan and the Brown Prince that something amazing happened. According to The Wild Eye:
  • During the shooting of a scene in which Tarzan had been tied down to be tortured, some spilled fuel ignited. The crew scattered, leaving Sipek tethered to two iron stakes at the centre of the flames. Tied to his arm on the end of a long rope was Sampson, a lion trained to rush to his rescue and rip off the restraints when given the cue.

    “As the fire came towards me, I pulled hard on the rope and Sampson came charging in,” recalls Sipek. “He pulled off the rope and dragged me out and my life changed for ever. I said that if I lived, I would care for any animal that needed me.”

    Sipek kept that promise and opened an animal sanctuary called Jungleworld in Florida. He and his animals were in the news several years ago when one of his tigers escaped and was killed by a wildlife officer. The Daily Mail reports that Florida wildlife officials began looking into Sipek’s sanctuary again this past October and after a lengthy investigation determined that Sipek didn’t have the proper licenses or training to keep his animals and that the compound was a threat to public safety. He was arrested on misdemeanor charges.

RIP Disney songwriter Robert B Sherman

Lots of cool projects coming

  • David Gallaher and Steve Ellis (High Moon) are trying to Kickstart The Only Living Boy, a four-volume series of 50-page comics “inspired by pulp adventure novels[…]like John Carter, Tarzan, Flash Gordon, Killraven, and the Jungle Book.” [Robot 6]
  • Jeff Lemire (Animal ManFrankenstein: Agent of SHADE) will have a new graphic novel in August about an expectant father who encounters something strange deep in the sea. Top Shelf describes The Underwater Welder as “equal parts blue-collar character study and mind-bending science fiction epic.”
  • How did I not know about a 380-page graphic novel about a cowgirl who wears a yellow string-bikini? Bikini Cowboy has been out since last fall and I’m just now getting it.

The Arctic Marauder

I’ll have to forgive you if you hear the description of Jacques Tardi’s The Arctic Marauder and think that it’s a 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea rip-off. After all, it does have ships that mysteriously blow up as eerie lights shine below the ocean surface.

And the destruction does end up being caused by the anti-social crew of a submersible, who do occasionally like to go for walkabouts on the ocean floor.

But The Arctic Marauder doesn’t steal from 20,000 Leauges so much as improve on it. After all, Nemo’s crew never traveled like this:

The Arctic Marauder takes out all of Verne’s boring travelogue stuff and replaces it with awesome. The Marauder is also the name of the villains’ seacraft and it’s even more cool than the Nautilus. And rather than just being withdrawn from society like Nemo, the Marauder‘s captain is a full-blown whackadoo who wants to destroy the world.

There’s also this creepy, old bat to complicate things in the best possible way.

And of course there’s some good, old-fashioned cephalopod hating.

While not exactly a cliff-hanger, the ending does necessitate a sequel, so the lack of closure is the only negative comment I can make about this thing. Even then, though, there’s a way of reading it where the book says everything it needs to. Still, I hope Tardi’s working on the follow-up right this very minute, because I want a lot more of this.

Art Show: Cat Women


By Rick Burchett. [From the graphic novel he’s working on with writer Christopher Mills]

Fanciful Submarines

By Andrew George Brown. [Lots more at Etsy by way of Wondermark]

From the Depths

By Matt Wiegle. [Seriously, if you’re not reading his and Sean T Collins Destructor webcomic – from which this is a page – you’re missing out.]

Aquaman: King of the Seas

By Braden D Lamb.

A Naiad

By John William Waterhouse. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

Princess Pantha

By Alex Schomburg. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

Ka-Zar, Shanna, and Zabu

By Brent Anderson. [Giant-Size Marvel]

Jungle Girl

By Red LYUBA. [More here]


By Jason Barton.