Happy Valentine’s Day from DC heroes who don’t really like you "that" way



Art Show: Ape and Human United Against Mutated (and Tentacled) Monsters

Captain May

By Grant Gould.

By Jessica Hickman. At some point I asked Grant and Jess to draw me as a pirate. I can’t believe I’ve never shared these before.

Too Heavy to Fly

By Jeremy Vanhoozer.

After the break: giant fish, Planet of the Squid, merpirates, and DC’s undersea heroines

The Big Fish Ride

By Rosh. [Art Jumble]

Apes Hate Cephalopods

By Bob Larkin. [Illustrateurs]

Pirate Ring

By John R Neil. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

“I want to be parrrrrt of your world.”

By Jason Nantz. [Never Sea Land]


By Jon Buran and Jean St Jean. [The Aquaman Shrine]

Aquagirl and Supergirl

I’m not sure who the Aquagirl cosplayer is, but Supergirl is Camille Elizabeth Bishop. [George Pérez Fan Page; thanks to Jess Hickman for the tip!]

Art Show: Death’s Stagecoach


By Todd Lockwood [Illustrateurs]


By Mathieu Reynès.

Sheena and Snowbird

By Katie Cook. [Tons of other Marvel heroes in that link]

Jurassic Park

Artist Unknown [Illustrateurs]


By Petr Stuchlý. [Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs]

Knighthood, a ghost-cowboy, a warrior-goddesses, and the greatest team-up of all time after the break


By Edmund Blair Leighton. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

The Ghost Rider

By Frank Frazetta. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]


By NC Wyeth. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]


Yo, DC! You totally have to get Ryan Kelly to draw Supergirl!

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen ’88

By “Rusty Shackles” (an obvious alias for Rusty Shackleford). [Comics Alliance. Sometimes, I love April Fools Day]

Art Show: The Dark Swamps of Barsoom

Cursed Pirate Girl

By Katie Cook.


By Ryan Cody. [Hey, Oscar Wilde! It’s Clobberin Time!!!]

Richard Sala, John Carter, Flash Gordon, giant robots, more Katie Cook, and 3D Giant Hippos after the break.

Beware the Black Death!

By Richard Sala.

David and Goliath

By David Malki. The only thing better than that image right there is seeing it in 3D. Which you can do at Malki’s site.

John Carter of Mars

By Francesco Francavilla. [ComicTwart]

Flash Gordon’s Trip to Mars

Artist Unknown, but Golden Age Comic Book Stories has an amazing gallery of posters from old movie serials.


By Katie Cook.


By Jaime Hernandez. [Scans Daily]

Robbie vs Robot

By Phillipe “Manchu” Bouchet. [Illustrateurs; as usual with that blog, the post is full of fantastic other stuff and it was difficult to pick just one image. I especially love the art at the top of the post that shows exactly what I thought the world was supposed to look like by now when I was a kid.]

The Marvels Project

By Steve Epting.

Art Show: Walking Dynamite!


By Franklin Booth [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]


By Abrams [Never Sea Land]

Tales of Three Planets

By Rog G Krenkel [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

The Human Bomb

By Dan and Sy Barry. There’s a whole story that goes with it at Pappy’s Golden Age Comics Blogzine.

The Spectacular Super-Girls

Artist unknown. Peter Parker’s classmates from the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon dressed as DC heroes though? Love it. [Brother Calvin]


By Danielle Corsetto. [Comic Art Fans]

Black Canary and Huntress

By Steve Bryant again.

Iron Man and Friends

By Mike Maihack.

Alternate Jabba

By Richard Whitters.

Awesome List Catch-Up: Part Three

Okay. More catching up with Awesome news from Blogarama.

Another Blue Beetle interview

I followed up my interview with the writer of Blue Beetle‘s all-Spanish issue by breaking the news about the series’ new, regular writer: Jack of Fables‘ Matt Sturges. Hopefully you can’t tell it from the interviews, but I’ve never read an issue of Blue Beetle before now. These conversations have made me want to change that though, so I’ll be picking up the Spanish issue this week as well as checking out Matt’s run. And I just bought the collection of the first six issues in the series.

There’s a new poster for the Incredible Hulk movie

And again, it’s got a great Bill Bixby vibe that’s making me hungry to see it.

Atlantis Rising

I don’t read Platinum Comics because the vibe I get is that they’re all movie pitches first and comics second. I’d rather read comics by people who just really want to make comics.

That’s not to say that there aren’t some nifty movie ideas in their concepts though, so I’m actually curious to see more about the Atlantis Rising movie. I loves me some Atlantis stories.

Black Panther: The Animated Series

I got tired of the Black Panther comic once it got caught up in Civil War and became a second Fantastic Four title, but if the cartoon is anything like the early issues, I’ll be all over it.

Three Days in Europe movie

Back when I was actively trying to expand my tastes with some genres I don’t typically read, I thought I’d give Three Days in Europe a try thinking it was a Romance comic. It was, but it was also a crime/spy/adventure comic and it was really good. So I’m happy that it’s getting made into a movie starring Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Garner.

New Crystal Skull pics

Can be found here. None of them really grabbed me, but there they are.

Another Spirit poster

I like this one. It looks more like a Will Eisner splash page and less like Sin City 2. I’d prefer it not be in black-and-white though.

New X-Files comics

I never used to read X-Files comics when the show was still on even though one of my favorite writers, John Rozum, was writing them. Comics based on currently-being-produced TV shows are always creatively tied by the need to not contradict the show they’re based on. That might not be as big a problem now that X-Files is an infrequent movie series though, so I’m likely to give this a shot.

Women of DC poster by Adam Hughes

This was a giveaway at the New York Comic Con. Man, I love Adam Hughes.

From left to right: Catwoman, Oracle, Zatanna, Black Canary, Power Girl, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batwoman, Vixen, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn.

Supergirl for kids

Fans have been clamoring for a more kid-friendly (or, more specifically, young-girl-friendly) Supergirl comic for a while now. Looks like they’re finally getting it.

Marvel Apes

Coming soon to a superhero universe near you. I sort of wish they were all gorillas, but how can you not make the webslinger a spider monkey? Well done, Marvel.